Electronic cigarettes where do I start? It can be a truly daunting process to step into it. RDA’s, Mechanical Mods, Variable Voltage Mod, Temperature Control, Ohms, what are the words and what do they mean? First of all you need a place to start. We have made it easy for you by offering 3 combinations of hardware and eJuice (free samples with optional nicotine) you need to start your switch. Select the nicotine level to suit you and choose your flavours of ejuice and place your order.


I smoked tobacco for 20 years before fully switching over to Vape 2 years a go. To start with I tried various methods but I couldn’t fully switch with the methods I tried. Eventually technology advanced it also got cheaper and we found a solution that worked we have built on from there. We have spent 5 years in research to bring you what we have today. We are Vapers and provide our services to other Vapers and Smokers who wish to switch.

Jason & the B.L.V. Crew